Operation Tomorrow Space Partners with Astro Digital and Muon Space

Tomorrow.io is partnering with Astro Digital and Muon Space to develop a constellation of satellites to improve global weather forecasting, starting with two demonstration satellites launching in late 2022.

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The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights that extreme weather events will continue until the end of the current decade, and will probably worsen over time unless we are able to make dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. However, as we prepare for adapting to the changing climate, over 5 billion people worldwide live outside the coverage of weather radars, and as a result, lack reliable weather forecasts. 

This map shows current ground radar coverage.

In order to solve this global challenge, Tomorrow.io is building a constellation of about 30 small satellites leveraging on the favorable economics of space – from miniaturization in the size of satellites to a reduction in the cost of launching to space. These satellites, equipped with weather radars, will provide high-resolution global coverage weather data to improve weather forecasting and provide actionable insights to individuals, businesses, and governments. 

Tomorrow.io will be launching two demonstration satellites in 2022, working together closely with U.S.-based satellite integrators Astro Digital and Muon Space. The selection of the satellite platform is a huge milestone for finalizing the integration of the radars into the satellites, leading up to the launch next year. The data collected by the satellites will be fed directly into the internal modeling suite that powers the Weather Intelligence Platform™ as well as the Tomorrow.io mobile apps used by individuals and businesses every day. 

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