How 5 Big Brands Tackle Climate Change 

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

As consumers, we’re making more conscious purchasing decisions than ever before. A recent survey revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products and more than three-quarters are more likely to purchase a product that is clearly labeled as environmentally friendly.

Yet, consumers don’t always feel like they can trust companies’ environmental claims and fear that they are greenwashing, which involves providing misleading information about how their products are made. 

Below we look at major brands that are truly committed to making a positive impact on the environment. 


American outdoor clothing company Patagonia is a pioneer in addressing climate change and championing environmental social governance. It has given 1% of its total sales to environmental groups since 1985. In addition, the company has built environmental and animal welfare responsibility programs, including using 100% renewable energy in the US, and social responsibility programs. 

Patagonia also helps its customers repair their clothes and has a second-hand product shop. 


Levis hasn’t always been known as a sustainable brand, but they’ve turned the corner in recent years. Part of this focus aims to help their customers understand how to extend the life cycle of their jeans, use high-quality recycled denim, and save on the water, chemical, and CO2 footprint of their jeans.


TOMS shot to fame for its One-for-One Impact model where it gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased. The company is now evolving this model and plans to donate a third of its annual net profits to grassroots organizations.

TOMS is a certified B Corp and is working on using more sustainable packaging, reducing its carbon footprint, and using more sustainably sourced cotton.

Schneider Electric

According to the Global 100 Index, Schneider Electric is the most sustainable company in the world. The company works with other organizations to diagnose their sustainability problems and provide the technology to help them improve their environmental impact. For example, Schneider helped Walmart adopt renewable-based energy systems that have saved more than 230 million tonnes of carbon

Banco do Brasil

Another entry on the Global 100 Index of the world’s most sustainable corporations, Banco do Brasil, has lofty goals. It wants to increase its use of renewable energy from 22% in 2021 to 100% by 2025. It has also entered the sustainability bonds market so it can offer its customers more eco-friendly options. 

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